Conchal Crus


This congenital deformity features an abnormal cartilage fold in the center of the auricle. This causes the normally flat conchal shell to split in half and the bottom to bulge outward, depending on the severity. As a result, the natural depression is almost completely lost, causing the ear to protrude excessively. The ear canal may also be obstructed as a result. There is no known definitive cause for this deformity.

How can this auricular deformity be treated?

An auricular deformity can be surgically corrected later in life, but the necessary general anesthesia is accompanied by corresponding risks and pain that cannot be neglected due to the procedure (not to mention the psychological stress during all the years that the ear is not treated). In contrast, early treatment in the first weeks of life with the EarWell® Infant Ear Correction System provides relief. Here, the still soft and pliable ear cartilage is gently brought into the correct shape. The entire treatment takes about four to six weeks, and treatment must be started no later than the sixth week of life (the earlier, the more promising)

The reason: after this time window, the ear cartilage begins to stiffen, then a correction is made via reconstruction surgery (otoplasty). To do this, the ears must have reached their mature size, which is typically between the ages of five and six. The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis in a day clinic or hospital. Ear reshaping surgery usually takes 2-3 hours, during which your plastic surgeon reshapes the ear(s) by manipulating or removing excess cartilage and skin. Incisions are usually made on the back of the ears or in the natural folds of the ear to hide any scar tissue that may develop.

What are the chances of
non-invasive treatment?

During EarWell® treatment, the shell former portion of the system corrects and shapes the deformity by applying gentle pressure to the shell ridge. Mixed ear deformities can also be specifically corrected by the individual components of the EarWell® system. The success rate is around 90%, and the result is achieved painlessly and permanently. In our before and after comparisons you will get a first impression of the efficiency of the EarWell® system.

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