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Painless Ear Correction:
Clinically Proven, Without Surgery

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You are not alone!
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Deformity of the ears occurs in 20 to 35% of newborns.

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You don’t have to have surgery
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EarWellTM’s innovative silicone splint gently brings most deformities into shape.

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Over 90 percent success rate
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Starting treatment no later than the sixth week of life, when the cartilage is still soft, brings the best prospects for beautiful ears for a lifetime.

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Correct ear malformations painlessly

With the EarWell system, baby ears can be corrected during the first check-up without surgery, anesthesia or medication: the innovative silicone splint is put on in just a few minutes and can be removed again after two to six weeks, depending on the degree of severity. 

During this time, the still soft cartilage is gently shaped and normal development of the auricle is made possible. Due to this principle of action, treatment should be started no later than in the sixth week of life.

Which deformities can be treated?

It is not uncommon for newborns to have temporarily folded, misshapen ears (around a third). A distinction must be made between a deformity in which the tissue is basically intact and a real malformation. The former is a purely cosmetic problem that can be easily treatedwith EarWell®. We have put together an overview of the types of ear deformities that EarWell® is suitable for as initial information.   For a professional assessment, it is best to contact one of our trained doctors in your area!

A question of
basic trust

In the first few weeks of life, the sensory worlds, contact with the caregivers and basic trust develop as the basis for later self-esteem. You give your child all of this for life – why not nice ears too?


In fact, ear deformities can become a burden: in many cases, they lead to a lack of self-confidence or even depression. It is not for nothing that the application of the so-called protruding ears (otopexy) is one of the most common cosmetic operations! Early treatment saves this painful procedure.

Waiting is not very promising

Recently published studies (in the Journal of Perinatology and the Journal of the Canadian Pediatric Society ) show that in some cases there is indeed a potential for ear deformities to correct themselves. However, this chance is only around 10%, while all other deformations either remain the same or are even more pronounced! An alarming finding in this context is that it is impossible to make predictions about the course of an ear malformation, as a study from Japan shows (published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ). Gentle splinting with EarWell® is a responsible alternative!

How much does EarWell treatment cost?

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