Ear Lidding Deformation


This deformity of the infant ear is also present at birth and is therefore congenital. It is similar to the lop ear or cup ear . The cause lies in an incompletely developed. Without the support of this cartilage, the top of the ear folds over to varying degrees (depending on the development of the anthelical fold). An ear flap deformity can affect just the spiral rim (outer curved edge of the ear) or the entire upper third of the ear. Lidding occurs in over 25% of all childhood ear deformities. There is a possibility of slight improvement in lidding in the first week of life, but the ear typically retains its shape after seven to 10 days.

Ear lidding deformation without invasive intervention or surgery?

The non-surgical correction of this malformation of the ear is possible with the Earwell® infant ear correction system if treatment is started early in the first few weeks of life. The ear is gently reshaped without anesthesia and incisions when it is still soft and slightly flexible due to the high estrogen levels in the mother and in the baby’s body.

During a short visit to the practice, the innovative Earwell® children’s ear correction system is fitted by a trained doctor and worn for four to six weeks, depending on the severity and complexity. Although this ear deformity does not usually lead to hearing loss or the like, misshapen ears often trigger teasing and bullying. Instead of years of waiting and serious reconstructive surgeries, Earwell® offers a safe, non-invasive solution to beautiful ears for life!

What are the chances of treatment without surgery?

By applying gentle pressure to the turbinate ridge, the conch shaper portion of the EarWell® system corrects the deformity. The individual components of the EarWell® system contribute to the targeted, pain-free treatment of mixed ear deformities with lasting results. With a success rate of around 90%, the EarWell® system represents a real alternative! Check out our before and after comparisons for real examples .

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